Terms of Use

Important rules that each of our users must abide by and any user who violates the rules will be permanently banned from entering our site


Rule No. 1: It is forbidden to shorten any links that lead to harmful content, violent or sexually explicit content, or incite hatred or racist against a particular group or content that is dangerous or harmful to users, or using one of the other link shortening sites with our site links in order to double your profit is prohibited and I must All our publishers adhere to ethical standards in all links that are shortened on our site

Rule No. 2: All forms of paid visits are prohibited unless they are from Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, YouTube or Snapchat. In addition, exchange visits are prohibited for us even if they are real people.

Rule No. 3: Any attempt to increase your profits by cheating such as using VPN programs or using browsers and programs with the aim of changing the identity of your device or trying to send fake visits or using remote Internet devices that are set up with a bug and all these types and the like lead to the rejection of your payment Disabling your account and preventing you from entering us again We have a strict system and we review all the payments that we receive with all accuracy and only pay me the good people who work hard and in a good and clean form



The mechanism for calculating paid views Paid views are calculated for each unique visit (one visit per 24 hours for the same person or the same antenna), which means that if you try to view your links yourself several times or use a proxy program or other different cheating methods in order to increase your profits through fraud, it will be detected by Through our systems, suspicious profits have not been calculated and your account will be disabled and you will be permanently banned from registering with us again. We are committed to making our environment a fair and clean environment for all users and we pay only for those who work seriously (if you discover any fake visits or a sudden rise in your visits, please contact us and we appreciate people good people like you)


Our payment methods Our up4cash site is distinguished by offering many different payment methods suitable for all countries and people, with a minimum payment starting from only 1 US dollar, and this is what distinguishes our link shortening site from the others. Within 48 hours of requesting the payment, provided that it exceeds the minimum payment method used, but in some cases it It may take longer and for more information about payment methods see this article


Issuing a promotion request for our website If you are a content creator with a YouTube channel or website, you can contact us and in exchange for creating a video of 3 minutes or more or an article of 500 words or more explaining the features of our site in order to promote it to your audience on YouTube or your website, you get $1, $3, $5 or $10 Or $20 or $50 depending on the size of your site or channel, and you will also get 15% of the profits of people who have registered through you for life via the referral link that you will put in the description of the video or inside the article that you created, and this will be determined during verification of your channel or site During the agreement with our team


Profit from referral system Of course, you can profit from our site by shortening links or through the referral system, which through your profile you can go to the referrals section from the side menu and copy your referral link and share it with your friends or promote our site through it and anyone who registers and works on our site through the special link With you, you will get 15% of the profits for life (the percentage of the amount is not deducted from the user, but it is borne by the site) and you can invite an unlimited number through your referral link and get a percentage of their profits all for life, as we mentioned to you


All these rules and terms are subject to change or modification at any time and you must always abide by them and our site has the right to terminate your account or disable your income if we discover anything suspicious in your account